Wo Token SCAM!
Possible Resolution


UPDATED JUNE 10th, 2020

I had a long conversation with Special Agent Alena “Cristina” Jaime-Ramirez of the New Orleans, FBI Cyber Crimes division. She suggested that all WoToken victims should file their claims at this link: https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

She suggested that at a minimum, you should include your transaction hash that you used to transfer funds to your WoToken wallet and the amount of crypto that you sent.

She made no promises, but stated that if enough victims come forward that there is a good possibility that the FBI will open an investigation and there could possibly be a recovery. We have filed our claims and I hope some of you join us!

We had a blockchain expert track down the bitcoin wallets and discovered that our bitcoin had been moved to other wallets, but had not yet been cashed out through any exchange. This suggests that the Wo Token scammers are laying low for the time being and that we have a shot at recovery if we take massive action. It will take every single one of us to work together as a team in order to get this done.

We have attached some files that we dug up if you want to dig in.

If we have any other updates, we will post it here. Last updated 04/18/2020!

Troy Rejda & David Chandler

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